- Critique-

Nithin loves arts and creative designs. He appreciates the effort behind each success. He loves the drums, chenda, tabla and mridangam. He is a good critique from young age. He is very loving and bold in personality. Nithin’s ideas are spontaneous. By birth he is an American but by taste he is an Indian. He loves the festivities and colorful holidays apart from all the delicious food from across the world. Nithin’s contributions to are small for the time being he is a full time student nevertheless we are very happy to have him on board.



- Observer -

Nidhiya is young at heart. Her talents are yet to be revealed. She loves to dance and perform in front of large audience. She has been performing from young age. One of Nidhiya’s comfort zones are dancing. Her observation skills has developed that she practices after each show. Nidhiya’s contributions to are representing who she is. We are very proud to have her accompany us through this journey of classical dance.



- Enthusiast -

Nimitha loves the attention she gets after each performance. Her talents are yet to be exposed. She is very precise and determined person. Her skills are very much appreciated by team.

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Meet the Team

Our family's LOVE towards Classical Dances!

We are from Oregon, United States.




Sumi Promod
Sumi Promod

- Founder & C E O -

Being brought up in United States, I missed some great moments in India. I had visited India only a few times. My parents grew me up in Indian culture. But I didnt get a chance to learn or enjoy any dances since there were no dance schools near our place when I was growing up. I hope this website will give me a chance to learn more about classical dances.


Promod Antony

- C I O -

There needs to be someone in the audience side to appreciate the hard-work of dancers and the crew behind it. That is my job as a CIO. I like taking videos, photos and playing with technology. This website helps me to appreciate art forms and keep me up to date with the changing technology.




- Trainee-

Living in America and being exposed to the Indian culture has changed the perspectives of a young man. He appreciates photography and technical aspects of Nikhil has been training in specific interests. We are very proud to have him continue his dream through us.

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