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Kathakali is an Indian classical dance/drama. Kathakali stands out for its make-up used for each characters, their decorative and colorful costumes, their detailed gestures and well defined body movements presented in tune with the singer and corresponding instrumental rhythm. Kathakali dancers are also trained in concentration, physical stamina and basic Kalaripayattu (the ancient martial art of Kerala) in preparation for each role. Kathakali performances are usually performed at night and goes on till early mornings. Kathakali themes are religious relating to the Mahabarat and the Ramayana. Mahabarat and Ramayana are ancient scriptures also known as the Puranas. The composition is a mix of Sanskrit and Malayalam.

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Youngsters Get Lessons in Kathakali

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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: An intricate art form with lot many nuances and a well-knit medley of ‘bhavas’ and ‘rasas’. This must be the general perception about Kathakali.

While elaborate costumes and colourful greasepaint help to to keep the audience glued to the performance, most often it tests the knowledge of the spectator to comprehend the art. But, on Friday, the students of Malayalam Pallikkodam here got a hang of things in a simpler and crisper form, offering lot many moments for them to break into laughter at a Kathakali appreciation class handled by the experts at Margi.

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Kathakali, the traditional dance-drama which has enthused audiences globally, was splendidly brought to life in Mumbai by its exponent Padmashri Kalamandalam Gopi at a function organised by city cultural organisation Keli during the weekend. Enacting the epic roles of Arjuna and Karna, Gopi floored the audience by his performances through two classic stories, Subhadraharanam and Karnasapatham.

Actor-filmmaker Amol Palekar, chief guest for the event, honoured Gopi with the 'Golden Conch' for his contribution to Kathakali.


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