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Kuchipudi is an Indian classical dance which originated from Andhra Pradesh. This performance usually begins with an introduction of when, where, and who is involved in this scene. In Kuchipudi each characters are introduced themselves with dharavu meaning a small composition of music and dance. The purpose of dharavu is to introduce the identity of each character and set the mood. Kuchipudi music is composed in Carnatic music. The instruments used in Kuchipudi are mridangam, violin, flute, and tambra. Kuchipudi jewelries are unique in style. Temple jewelry is used in Kuchipudi dance. They are very light in weight. Kuchipudi’s style are versatile from other Indian classical dances. In Kuchipudi there is the Tarangam which is unique in that the dancer holds a plate with two diyas (small oil-burning candles) in her hands while balancing a "kindi" (small vessel) containing water on their head.

Kuchipudi News

Naidu is Ready to spend Rs 100 crores for Kuchipudi dance 0 743 Article rating: No rating
Kuchipudi village ‘Kuchipudi Dance’ development, the government is ready to spend Rs 100 crore, he said. AP kucipudi tremendous growth in new capital to be located at a distance of 50 kilometers. In addition, the space will be required for the construction of natyaramam collection. Natyaramam completed by 2016 and is expected to hold an international dance compound there.

Andhra Pradesh plans to publicise Kuchipudi dance worldwide

Visakhapatnam 0 747 Article rating: No rating

Visakhapatnam: Minister for Human Resource Development Ganta Srinivasa Rao said “Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu announced previously that Kuchipudi dance will be made an official dance form of Andhra Pradesh.”

Mr Srinivasa Rao on Thursday unveiled posters relating to Andhra Pradesh Natya Dinostav (Dance Day), which is scheduled to be held on October 15. The government has planned to publicise the Kuchipudi Nrutyam world wide.

Andhra Pradesh Government Plans Academy for Promoting Kuchipudi

Andhra Pradesh 0 794 Article rating: No rating
Looking to revive Kuchipudi, the Andhra Pradesh government is planning to set up an academy dedicated exclusively to the promotion of the iconic dance form both at home and abroad.

The state government has proposed to build the 'Kuchipudi Natyaramam' (Kuchipudi dance academy) at Kuchipudi village in Krishna district in coastal Andhra, where the dance form was born more than six centuries ago.

Dancer performs Kuchipudi for 12 hours 0 689 Article rating: No rating

Nataraja Venugopal Krishna performing 'Siva Tandavam' at Ghantasala

In his maiden attempt, a 22-year-old promising Kuchipudi dancer, Nataraja Venugopal Krishna, presented a 12-hour non-stop performance of Kuchipudi dance as a part of Mahasivaratri celebrations here on Tuesday.

Mr. Venugopal, hailing from Kuchipudi village, performed Siva Tandavam and Devi Tandavam continuously on the premises of Jaladeeswara temple here.

Lessons on Kuchipudi Dance in AP Schools

VIJAYAWADA 0 1306 Article rating: 5.0

VIJAYAWADA:  In a bid to inculcate interest in Kuchipudi dance among school students, the state government is all set to introduce history and literature of Kuchipudi dance form as a chapter in the social studies subject of the Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth standards in all state syllabus-following schools, including the private ones, from the coming academic year. 

Speaking to  Express here on Tuesday, Kuchipudi Natyaramam (dance academy) chairman Kuchibhotla Anand added that the government decision in this regard was based on a proposal made by him and that he had  already designed the syllabus.


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