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Classical Dance Logo Contributors

Melbin T Mathew

Chief Content Officer (CCO) | 0 1176 Article rating: No rating

I am proud to be an Indian because I have been getting plenty of opportunities to watch different kinds of classical dance. I like to promote classical dance with the help of modern technology. I hope this website will allow me to fulfill my dream.

Sumi Promod

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) | 0 1065 Article rating: 3.0
Being brought up in United States, I missed some great moments in India. I had visited India only a few times. My parents grew me up in Indian culture. But I didnt get a chance to learn or enjoy any dances since there were no dance schools near our place when I was growing up. I hope this website will give me a chance to learn more about classical dances.

Pramod K Antony

Chief Information Officer (CIO) | 0 1204 Article rating: No rating
There needs to be someone in the audience side to appreciate the hard-work of dancers and the crew behind it. That is my job as a CIO. I like taking videos, photos and playing with technology. This website helps me to appreciate art forms and keep me up to date with the changing technology.

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