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Aakriti Dance Academy

Aakriti Dance Academy

Redmond, Washington, United States, 98073

Aakriti Dance Academy is a Bollywood Dance School that teaches Bollywood, Semi-Classical, Folk, Bhangra, Contemporary and various other dance forms to students of all ages. We believes every student has a unique ada (flair).  The school strives to teach basic fundamentals and dance techniques to each student making them strong dancers and enhance their performance by bringing out that unique ada in them. We offers dance classes for Bollywood and custom: Bollywood classes: Dreamers: Ages 3-5 yrs, Aspirers: Ages 6-7 yrs, Nurturers: Ages 8-10 yrs, Captivators: Ages 11-17 yrs, Enchanters: 18+ yrs. Custom classes: BollyFit: Fitness classes Bollywood style, Maahi Ve: dance classes for indian wedding receptions, Nach Baliye: Dance classes Bhangra style, Pappu Can't Dance Saala: 1:1 Dance classes for adult beginners. If anyone need the above dance classes please contact us.

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