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Event date: 10/21/2017 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Export event

Event Location: Kathak Workshop

Kathak Workshop
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Kathak Workshop

442 Niagara Falls Blvd, Buffalo, New York 14223

Devi Bollywood Dance is excited and honored to host Internationally Renowned Kathak artist, Labonee Mohanta. Join us as we explore Classical North Indian dance in this 2 hour intense workshop.

Labonee Mohanta, internationally renowned Kathak artist and disciple of the late maestro Pandit Chitresh Das, began her training in Kathak dance at an early age of 8. A proficient and highly dynamic solo artist, Labonee has performed traditional Kathak solos to great acclaim in dance festivals throughout the US, Canada, France, and India. She also employs Panditji’s innovation Kathak Yoga where she simultaneously sings the rhythmic cycle, dances complex mathematical patterns, and plays the harmonium.

Labonee toured with the Chitresh Das Dance Company for many years in award-winning productions including ‘Shabd’, ‘Sita Haran‘, and ‘Shiva’ to name a few. She served as branch director and senior teacher at Chhandam, an institution founded by Pt. Das. She now regularly teaches and mentors students around the world in the art of Kathak. As a second generation Indian in America, Labonee plays a prominent role in preserving the cultural heritage of India in the East and spreading these values to the West. She continues the mission of promoting, educating, and thus preserving the rich heritage of Kathak around the world.

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