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Nritya Surabhi School of Dance

Nritya Surabhi School of Dance


Nritya Surabhi School of Dance was founded with its primary mission of teaching and propagating Bharata Natyam, one of the major classical dance styles of India.

Founded by Aparna Matange, a well known Bharata Natyam exponent in South Florida, Nritya Surabhi School of Dance is not only committed to provide technical excellence in dance but also increase the awareness of this dance art, audience appreciation and its use in day to day life.
Nritya Surabhi is proud to have created a community of classical Bharata Natyam dancers and a dedicated community of students who support and help in carrying its mission to the generations ahead. 

Bharata Natyam classes are offered in a form of group or individual lessons from age 5 and up.
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