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Nrityalina Center For Performing Arts

Nrityalina Center For Performing Arts

3000 JFK Blvd, Jersey City, NJ, United States, 07306

Nrityalina Center for performing Arts in Jersey City is specialized in Bharatanatyam Dance Classes, Kathak Dance Classes, Indian Bollywood Dance Classes, Classical Indian Dance Classes and Adult Dance Classes. They are located at New Jersey area. They are skilled in Bollywood Dance and Music and Indian Classical Dance Forms. They have over 10 years of experience. The classes are conducted at their places. They speak English, Bengali, Gujarati and Hindi. At the Adult Dance Class, adults aged 20 and above get to learn dance. These classes are both fun and educational. You are never too old to learn to dance. Kathak Dance is originated from Braj region in Uttar Pradesh which is one of the states in India. The word ‘Kathak’ is derived from a Hindi word ‘Katha’ meaning ‘Story’ – a story being narrated through the Kathak dance. As everyone likes stories, Kathak dance is also based on narrating a story in which facial expression and style matters. In Kathak Dance style the dancing skills include recitation, singing, and acting along with dancing. Their performance in Bharatanatyam is rooted in traditional, yet with accessibility to new audiences. The themes they present, whether are of emotions or more mythological and symbolic nature. Though the dance is rooted in the Hindu faith, it also takes on a secular quality as the emotive aspects describe day-to-day life in India. They also see connections between dance and the larger artistic environment in which the dance has developed from the poetry, literature, mythology and temple sculptures.

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