Shaping our dreams
Sumi Promod
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Shaping our dreams

We are very proud to announce the publishing of a website dedicated to all classical dances. For months we have been working hard even on weekends to achieve this goal. Our love towards art forms are beyond words can express. One of the reason why we choose to do classical dances from India is because this is our home. Classical dances come in different colors, languages, music and themes. For a visual art, language is not necessary to convey the message.

Now a days technology has progressed at its best. So little can go so far. With a push of a button messages are send across the world. We feel that we should take the advantage of the technology to uplift many art forms. There is more out there that needs light. Technology is great but we should also appreciate the culture and its ancient trails that make up the culture we see today.

Classical Dance

One of the way we feel technology can change our view is when the performers get the recognition and encouragement from the audience that they deserve. Behind every show or performance there are months of hard work and dedication into it. When living abroad we miss our home town and it's festivities. Even when life take us many part of the world, we all look back and try to teach our new generation of our background. It is nice to have the technology help us guide to find the right person or guru to teach them. This is where our website come in handy.

Classical Dance is different from other websites and organizations. We have added many feature to making it unique. We invite you to be part of this growing unity. We need help from our viewers and audience to update events or adding to the directory. Spread the news and be in this with us a great journey of performing art. Help us promote the local organizations and artist to the world.

We appreciate all you cooperation during this process.

Thank you for visiting and making it your own stage to perform to a wide variety of audience.

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